Unexpected Perks Driving the All-New Ford EcoSport

The all-new Ford EcoSport is taking Ford to a whole new level with all it has to offer. It’s not a big vehicle, which means you might not expect it to carry so many fun upgrades. This is one vehicle you should take a second look at.

SYNC is a Ford specialty, and it’s one that works for everyone. You can connect your smartphone to the system to play your music, make calls without using your hands, and command with just your voice. It’s a safer alternative to using your hands to make calls. It also comes with an app called FordPass, which allows you to check on your gas mileage, schedule maintenance, find assistance if you’re on the roadside, and manage your vehicles lock and unlock features as well as many other features. You can do this all from your smartphone whether you are near your car or miles away.

The all-new Ford EcoSport is on that offers many fun features as standard. To see for yourself, visit Susanville Ford in Susanville, CA to schedule a test drive. You must see for yourself how many amenities this vehicle features.

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