The Technological Features of the New Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion has been a top-selling vehicle since its introduction secondary to its style and interior space. But, the models available for 2019 offer an abundance of technological features, which make the journey more enjoyable for all. See the new Fusions on display on our Susanville, CA Susanville Ford lot. Try one on for size by going for a test drive.

The hybrid enables drivers to decide whether they need the 2.0-liter gas engine, the electronic motor or both during trips. When the Ford Fusion is fully charged and has a full tank of gas, the vehicle goes up to 610 miles. The technology offers a combined EPA rating of 42 mpg.

The unique driver's dashboard gauges feature the gas level and the electric power remaining in the Li-ion battery on the left side. The brake coach gauge helps you drive more conservatively. To the right, drivers monitor and regulate their fuel-efficient driving ability by watching the growing vine.

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