The Ford Taurus Sedan Offers Consistency and Durability

The Ford Taurus preserves its reputation as a reliable full-size sedan with powerful capabilities. Appealing to families in Susanville, CA, this American-designed car is available for lease or sale at Susanville Ford.

When you lift the hood of the Taurus, you'll see a 3.5 L engine block with six cylinders. The entry-level trims have the Ti-VCT technology, and the higher-level models boast the EcoBoost technology. This Ford sedan gets assistance on curved roads from the Torque Vectoring Control. By adjusting the brakes independently, the TVC prevents the wheels from slipping on twisting highways and trails. An anti-lock braking system with four channels is another advanced technology in the car's brakes.

The Ford Taurus also wears rear shock absorbers with twin tubes for enhanced damping of vibrations. Sport-tuned struts with robust braces and control arms are available for supplemental support. Coil-over springs prevent the rear axle from losing ground clearance at maximum loading.

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