The Ford Expedition Maneuvers a Trailer Strategically in Reverse

The Ford Expedition has a convenient feature that makes the process of backing up a trailer simple. It's called Pro Trailer Backup Assist, and the hardware has controls that are suitable for novice and seasoned drivers.

When Pro Trailer Backup Assist is activated, it manages how a trailer moves. In order to control the direction of the wheels, you'll only need to twist a knob. If you spin it to the left or right, a trailer will maneuver in the proper direction. Pro Trailer Backup Assist is very effective because it always boosts precision and accuracy when the Expedition maneuvers a trailer along narrow paths.

Besides towing, the Ford Expedition is also a great everyday vehicle, and you can experience how it performs on traditional highways by taking a test drive. You can arrange one in Susanville, CA at Susanville Ford. We're a reputable dealership, and we stock all of the latest automobiles by Ford.

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