Capability Features of the 2019 Ford Super Duty

One of the most popular types of work truck on the road today is a heavy-duty pickup. It allows all different kinds of workers to maximize their output in a given day and get work done better and more efficiently. That is why our team of truck experts here at Susanville Ford located right in Susanville, CA is so excited to tell you all about the capability features of the all-new 2019 Ford Super Duty.

This amazing heavy-duty truck is best in class for a variety of towing categories which includes, but is not limited to, highest gross combination weight rating, conventional towing, gooseneck towing and highest overall payload among competitors.

Additionally, the Ford Super Duty includes a rear-view trailer hitch camera which allows you to line up with a trailer hitch perfectly every time. The days of hitching a trailer being a two-man job are over.

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