Personalize Your Driving Experience With the New Ford Fiesta’s Smart Features

The Ford Fiesta is one of Ford’s popular subcompact cars. It’s great for those who need to zip around town or jump on the highway for a long drive. Particularly for college students who are always on the go.

The Ford Fiesta is offered in two body styles, the hatchback, and the sedan. Both seat five and offer plenty of storage space.

One of the best things about the Ford Fiesta is its smart features which are great for those who enjoy a personalized driving experience. For example, one of the smart features includes voice-activated technology. This is great for those who enjoy a hands-free experience as it can be used to assist with navigation or to help you to find nearby restaurants. But for those who enjoy the touch screen features, the Ford Fiesta offers that as well. Just stop by our Susanville, CA Susanville Ford to take the Ford Fiesta on a test drive and learn even more about all of the bells and whistles that are available with this vehicle as well.

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