Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering

Ford Motors has been at the forefront of engineering high-quality performance vehicles for many decades now. The Ford Mustang is one of their classic popular performance models, and it has been able to maintain and build that reputation. The car now comes with an active performance exhaust, which takes the driving experience up to another level.

Automotive audio engineers at Ford have been on a mission to design exciting acoustic exhaust sounds that elicit a note of the performance. The engineers use computational analysis to create a high-tech active exhaust that has valves that open and close to adjust the sound of the car to match the mood of the driver.

The exhaust system comes with a variety of modes, including the quiet, standard, loud, and aggressive track settings. One of the engineers, Hani Ayesh, describes the system to work the same way a guitar does. When not plugged to an amp, an acoustic guitar produces a soft and resonant sound that is somewhat relaxing when plugged in. The volume cranked up on the same guitar produces an aggressive tone that excites the body’s senses.

This active performance exhaust system is going to change your driving experience, visit us at the Susanville Ford to book a test drive.

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