Power Behind the Ford Super Duty

The Ford Super Duty stands up to its name regarding the power that it has behind the wheel. This is a truck that is designed so that it can carry you across all types of terrain and up even the steepest hills. The live-drive power takeoff feature is one that gives you the power you need from a full stop in Susanville, CA so that you can get to where you're going with ease.

With a frame that is made of almost all steel, you'll have a strong truck from the front to the back so that you can pull trailers or haul items in the bed. The axle offers the support needed for the power behind the truck so that it turns in a smooth fashion even when you're pulling large items.

Whether you choose the 6.7L or the larger 7.3L, you'll have off-road shocks and a transmission with limited slippage to navigate everything from snow to mud. The front lift keeps your truck off the ground for the best clearance along with larger tires for the best support as well.

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